Grapest 5K Run (18+ Event)


• Lanyard with custom wine cup
• Race headband
• Wrist band
• Grapest 5k Run – Sip happens medal
• Live band/DJ
• Water station
• 1km wine tasting (4x stations)
• Current Selector Magazine (RRP $8.50)

Who said you can’t drink wine AND exercise? Have your wine and drink it too, we say! We bet you’ve never run a race quite like the Grapest 5k Run!

We’re going to take you on an outdoor evening adventure… a fun run with a cork-stopping twist. Imagine running through the vineyards and trails of some of the most exquisite wine regions in Australia at dusk.

We are going to blow your running shoes right off!

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Buy your special Grapest 5k Run t-shirt online or on the day near the registration area (May not be avaliable for all events)

This is a Run, not a Race

There will be no prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in either the 10k or 5k category. This is a fun run and will not be timed. After all most of you are here for the wine!


(Including +1km 
wine-tasting walk)

(Including +1km
wine-tasting walk)
1K Wine-tasting Walk only
Band only
Pre-sale $69.50 $54.50 $40.50 $20.00
Standard $84.50 $74.50 $60.50 $25.00
On-the-day $105.00 $94.50 $80.50 $30.00
The above prices exclude online processing fees. The pre-sale period will end 4 weeks before the event.

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Off Road Terrain/Course

When participating in a Grapest5k Run you will expect an off-road terrain course which means this may be rough & rugged under foot, dusty and/or muddy depending on the weather conditions at each event. Some courses may use sections of the road or have a road crossings, or use an adjoining estate. Depending on each vineyard's harvest requirements, some courses may be permitted to run/walk through the vines & others may use the exterior ground around the vines and vineyard property and adjoing properties. Please ensure you bring the ocrrect footwear to accomidate all terrians.




What are prohibited items?

• All alcohol – The Grapest 5K Run is a licensed event, and alcohol will be available for purchase at all venues.
• Non-alcoholic drinks including juice, soft drinks, sports drinks, and water unless they are in sealed plastic bottles up to 1.5L in size.
• Metal cutlery, including cheese knives.
• Selfie and Go Pro sticks.
• Aerosols, sunshades, tents and tables.
• Umbrellas, even if it’s raining. Bring good quality raincoats and gumboots instead.
• Glass - this includes wine glasses, jars, or any other containers or items made of glass.
• Pets (other than guide dogs).
• Beanbags – you will be able to purchase one of our inflatable air lounges on the day or at the pre-registration ‘Meet and Greet’ session!
There will be a security check at the gate and prohibited items will be confiscated.
Centaur Outdoor Events does not take any responsibility for confiscated items.

What can I bring to a Grapest 5K Run Event?

• Deck/camping chair & rug for the General Admission area.
• Sealed plastic bottled water and sports drinks up to 1.5L in size.
• Food - there is also a selection of food available for purchase - cash only.
• Grapest 5K Run sites are in wineries, which have some sloped and uneven terrain. Wear sensible footwear for the run and gumboots may be required for wet weather afterwards.
• There are no sheltered areas - come prepared for rain or shine.
• For sunny days make sure you wear a wide brimmed hat for protection and bring plenty of sunscreen with you.

What ticket types are available?
Tickets will be issued in the categories of either:
• Pre-sale – during pre-sale, tickets will be sold at a discounted rate + processing fee. The end of pre-sale date will be 4 weeks out from each event..
• Standard – this will be the cost of your ticket + processing fee.
• On the Day – tickets will be available for purchase on the day of the event (cash only - no credit card facilities available).

Can I stand up in the Live Entertainment area?
As there is no allocated seating at the live entertainment, you are more than welcome to not only stand in the area, but get up and get down! It is, after all, an after-party! You will, however, not be permitted to stand or dance, or otherwise occupy, the stage area.

Please note that aggression, intoxication or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the venue.

Can I bring my camera or sound and video recording equipment?

Can I bring my own alcohol?
No. The Grapest 5K Run is a licensed event, alcohol is available for purchase at all venues.

Where can I park?
A designated parking area is available onsite at every event. The cost of parking will be $5.00 per vehicle – cash only. We highly recommend car-pooling. We will have Volunteer parking attendants on-hand to assist and direct you. Parking is at the vehicle owner’s risk. Parking outside of the venue on surrounding roads is not permitted.

In the event of wet weather, the parking areas will remain available, however you will be responsible for getting your vehicle out of the parking area, or the cost of transport to and from the venue should you choose not to bring your vehicle.

Can I bring the kids?
Not this time – this is all about you having fun – 18 years and over only. This is a licensed event, and will be run in accordance with each State/Territory Liquor Licensing Laws.

Can I bring an Esky into the Event?
Yes, however, it must contain ICE ONLY, and those drinks that are allowed (see ‘What can I bring to a Grapest 5K Run Event?’)

What if it rains?
If it does rain the show will go ahead unless conditions are deemed to be dangerous. If an event does not go ahead due to this reason, participants will receive a full refund, minus the administration fee, from point of purchase. If the forecast is for even the possibility of rain, bring good quality raincoats and suitable footwear.

The decision to cancel an Event will be made on Event day. In the event of inclement weather participants should check this website BEFORE departing for the show for messages regarding traffic, parking or wet weather arrangements.

We will also send out notifications via email. Please ensure your contact details with Active are up to date when purchasing your ticket.

Can I smoke?
Only in the designated Smoking Areas which are sign posted at every venue. There is NO Smoking allowed in the live entertainment area.
Please note: WA venues are non-smoking.

Where is Lost Property?
You are responsible for all of your own personal property. If you find or lose something - please go to the merchandise marquee. After the event, any remaining lost property will be disposed of. (Unfortunately, the logistics of managing Lost Property after the event is not possible).

Are EFTPOS facilities available?
Every venue will vary – best to be safe than sorry – cash is advisable.

Are there facilities for people with special needs?

Yes. Accessible toilets will be available – provided by the venue owner.

Is there mobile phone reception at the venues?

Most venues have average mobile phone coverage, please note that phone reception can be very limited and poor during the event. If you are meeting people onsite or getting picked up at the end of the event please make the appropriate arrangements prior to the day in case you have issues with phone reception.

What are the food options onsite?
You are permitted to bring your own food to the event however we do have a broad offering of food vendors onsite at all events. Every attempt is made to ensure all dietary requirements are catered for by the contracted food vendors, however, if you have a specific dietary requirement it is advised to bring your own food.

Can lost tickets be replaced?

No, however please bring suitable photo ID so that we can check our database against your records, and verify that you are a paid participant.

Can I get a refund or exchange?
Unless the event you have purchased a ticket for has been cancelled, or there are legal requirements that provide otherwise (including those of the Australian Consumer Law), tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

There will be no rescheduling of events that cannot take place on the designated day. The Event is either on or it’s not.

Who do I contact if I have an enquiry regarding my ticket order/purchase?

Please submit a Contact Us form from the Centaur Outdoor Events website. No queries will be answered in the final 2 weeks prior to the event, as we will be busy making it awesome for you! When you register, you will be sent an email link to your ticketing information. Please ensure that you provide the correct email address at the time of purchase.


Take the 5km, or 10km run through the vineyards and trails of our favourite wineries, followed by a 1km wine-tasting walk to cool down.

Or just take a stroll through the 1km wine-tasting section on its own, where you’ll be treated to the best our Cellar Door partners have to offer.

These two day events will include:
Day 1 Friday:
‘Meet and Greet’ at a local in-town venue for Race Pack Pick-up. This may vary per location and may be on the saturday, the day of the race. Check your registration for all the details. If you are unable to make this you can pick your pack up on the day at the vineyard when registring. 

Day 2 Saturday:
The Grapest 5km Run – Sip happens! Start times will vary the after-party including live entertainment for 2 hours and of course… more wine!

Stay as the sun sets… play, take a tour, kick back, have a blast with our live band, food vans, cellar door packages, and of course, MORE WINE from these award winning vineyards.

We can also help you with great travel and accommodation packages so you can make an absolute weekend of it!

We plan on taking you to some amazing locations… would you like to see Victoria’s home of fine food, wine and craft in the Bendigo region? How about experiencing the spectacular autumns, vibrant springs and mild summers of the beautiful Shoalhaven Wine Region in New South Wales or the Hunter Valley, recognised as the signature wine district of the state.

Would you prefer to join us in South Australia’s beautiful Langhorne Creek region, with its villages, vineyards and farms dotting a patchwork vista, or enjoy some indulgence at Western Australia’s Margaret River region, with a list of wineries, breweries, restaurants, and so much more. And how could you pass up the high altitudes of Queensland’s renowned Brisbane region, and the picturesque Oceanview Estate - the name says it all?

So many choices… so many wines… so many parties! Run, walk, drink wine… where to start… what to do… ah, sip happens! Let’s do them all!


Whatever takes your fancy! Have some fun and play dress-ups, dress it down and get ready to party… you choose - make it your own! No naked runners, please… we’re not at the cricket… just sayin’. Please ensure you wear apporopriate shoes to suit a rough terrain. 


After your run, kick back and enjoy the Sip Happens After-Party with food from the region, a Live Band, and… more wine and craft beer in some locations! Oh, did we say there was going to be wine?


‘Meet and Greet’ at a local in-town venue for Race Pack Pick-up. This may vary per location and may be on the saturday, the day of the race. Check your registration for all the details. If you are unable to make this you can pick your pack up on the day at the vineyard registring. 

Live Entertainment

Hurricane Fall heading in the right direction

“Exciting new act, going places" - Zenon Els - Artist Network

"Wow, these guys are fresh and exciting and part of the new wave in Australian Country Music" - Jeff Bell - Laing Entertainment

“Brilliant live show. oozing with talent" Jarrod Douglas - The Pub Group, Tamworth

“People have been waiting for something new in Country, these guys are the real deal “ - John Logan “Logen Entertainment”

The most exciting thing for the band was not only the success of their live shows but the way the audiences took a liking to the bands self-penned material.

On release of the EP which hit the charts at No. 2 on the iTunes Country Album Chart, the band immediately were thrown into the spot light and soon had an army of fans following each show.